Frequently Asked Questions

Which HCISs are your solutions compatible with?

Interbit Data’s solutions can accept reports from all major HCISs that can send reports as a print stream using printer resident fonts.

Do your solutions work with MEDITECH applications and platforms? Are your solutions integrated or interfaced to MEDITECH?

All of Interbit Data’s solutions work with all MEDITECH applications and across all platforms: Magic, C/S and 6.x. All of Interbit Data’s solutions are fully integrated with the MEDITECH faxing routines.

How is faxing supported?

Interbit Data’s Fax Agent solution, which is integrated into NetDelivery, accepts files from any application and distributes them to the intended recipients using fax numbers stored in NetDelivery. Interbit Data’s Desktop Fax option integrates fax and e-mail functionality in many different types of environments, connecting to the fax server and making sending faxes as easy as printing documents.

How is inbound faxing supported?

Interbit Data’s Desktop Fax solution supports several methods for handling in-bound faxing: Direct Inward Dial (DID), Multi-Subscriber Numbers (MSN) and Line routing. You can select the method that works best for your organization.

What kind of downtime protection does Interbit Data offer?

Interbit Data offers NetSafe for downtime protection and business continuity.

How is HL7 supported?

NetDelivery’s optional Integration Module enables you to take reports generated by your HCIS and reformat them into HL7 messages. Using transformation templates configured to meet the needs of your organization, reports can easily be integrated with Physician’s Practice EMR systems, ensuring data interoperability.

What delivery methods does NetDelivery support?

The delivery methods for NetDelivery include printing (to both Windows and LPR printers), e-mail distribution (as text in the body of the e-mail, as an attachment and as a website link), sending to a Windows folder, uploading to both an Internet site and a NetDelivery Client, and fax. In addition, both NetDelivery and NetSafe can generate PDF files.