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Interbit Data Announces Webinar: Finally! A Solution to Access Patient Data During Downtimes

Interbit Data, a leading technology company providing care teams with on-demand access to crucial patient data, will host a webinar on Tuesday, July 28, to share how hospitals can retain access to patient information in the event of system downtimes, regardless of their EMR.

Interbit Data’s NetSafe is an automated software solution that ensures uninterrupted, HIPAA-compliant access to patient data during system downtimes, including planned updates, power outages, natural disasters, and cyberattacks.

“System downtimes occur for a multitude of reasons,” says Arthur Young, President and CEO of Interbit Data. “When they do, it’s our job to make sure frontline caregivers still have accurate, secure information at their fingertips to make the real-time treatment decisions that keep patients safe.”


This event has passed. Please click the link below to download the on-demand webinar.

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