Strategic Alliances

Interbit Data has formed strategic alliances with companies that offer complementary solutions and services so that we can ensure our customers get the best products, services and support.

We are always looking to form partnerships with other healthcare solution providers to integrate, resell or co-market products. If you are a healthcare vendor interested in partnering with us, please contact Arthur Young at or 508-647-0013, ext. 114.

GRA Consultants represent our products in the Canadian healthcare market. Our relationship with them has developed into a strategic alliance that benefits our joint customers.

UbiCare integrates its SmarteXp patient engagement solution with NetDelivery to enable automated patient identification and enrollment in healthcare education based on a patient’s status or needs (e.g. pregnancy). SmarteXp then automatically creates unique subscriptions for each patient and starts the delivery of a targeted messaging series to each patient.

Cloud Wave is the largest MEDITECH solutions post-warranty service provider and a multi-vendor solutions integrator for the MEDITECH community.