Seamless, secure report distribution.

NetDelivery Interbit Data

NetDelivery is an automated report distribution solution that delivers information generated from your HCIS to clinicians and staff across your organization, helping you to:


Improve efficiency
and steamline


Provide optimal
patient service and
high-quality care


Meet government-mandated
privacy and access

NetDelivery Server Services
NetDelivery Server Services

Explore our NetDelivery Solutions:

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Your Care Team Informed

Intelligent, automated distribution of hospital information

NetDelivery allows you to securely distribute reports from your HCIS to multiple recipients and locations via fax, encrypted print stream, encrypted file, email, direct messaging, secure text, and several other options.

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Fax Only

Automated distribution
of hospital reports

Report distribution via fax to defined users. Replace dedicated physical fax appliances to seamlessly integrate into your existing HCIS, allowing you to direct faxes to users defined within your HCIS.

Optional integration solutions and add-ons:

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Digital fax framework
for virtualization

NetFoIP provides completely virtualized faxing, enabling hospitals to improve operational efficiency, remove hardware constraints, and create automatic fail-over configurations. NetFoIP provides software-enabled fax over IP (FoIP) without requiring an existing voice over IP (VoIP) network or phone system.

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inbound/outbound fax

DesktopFax integrates fax and email functionality from different environments to expand faxing capabilities to the entire enterprise with unlimited faxing from PC-based applications. The solution enables quick, easy, secure receiving/distribution of key clinical data inside and outside your facility, giving you complete flexibility and control.

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Automated delivery
to direct recipients

Deliver information to providers using the HIPAA-compliant Direct Messaging network.

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Transform data
for interoperability

Take reports generated by your HCIS and reformat them so they can be delivered in your preferred format (such as HL7) to other systems within your organization.

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Secure Texting

Extract data from source
and deliver to texting
apps via NetDelivery

Individual Delivery License

Users can license individual delivery methods including email, fax, DirectExchange, Secure Text Messaging, network sharing and more.

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