Frequently Asked Questions

NetDelivery Interbit Data


Are Interbit products compatible with all major HCIS systems?

Yes, our technology allows us to interoperate with virtually any host system, including all major HCIS vendors such as MEDITECH, EPIC, Cerner, etc.

Do you charge for additions or changes to the rules that are created to distribute reports in NetSafe and NetDelivery?

There are no “one-time” charges for changes to rules (templates). New rules or modifications to existing rules are covered as part of maintenance.

How many users are included under the license agreement for NetSafe and NetDelivery?

Our products are sold on a “site” license basis. Each site is allowed unlimited users.

Do you provide the hardware or is the site responsible?

The site is responsible for hardware, allowing you to maintain your existing platform standards. Interbit provides basic platform recommendations and will assist with any configuration questions.

How long does implementation and setup take?

A typical implementation takes six to eight weeks, but that timeline can vary based on hospital resources provided. During implementation, we install the software on your server and then work with and train your team on how to use the product. Typically, we like to go live with a subset of users before rolling out to all recipients.


Doesn’t my EMR system already feature a downtime solution?

Your EMR may have a downtime solution but it can be limited. For example, it may not allow you to access patient data if your network is down or if you are unable to access the Internet. It may also be limited to core vendor systems and exclude other critical information. NetSafe eliminates these types of failure points.

My cybersecurity vendor tells me I’m all set when it comes to data access during a systems outage. Why would I need NetSafe CyberCrisis Vault?

Ask your cybersecurity vendor how you can access data if an incident has compromised your entire network and no existing devices are available, as can happen with a ransomware attack. NetSafe CyberCrisis Vault is isolated and protected from the network that is affected by a cyberattack, so you can still reliably access information.

Can I access information remotely from the hospital during a downtime?

Yes, NetSafe allows you to utilize our web client, which can run on any web-enabled device, including mobile devices. Interbit can also assist in setting up HIPAA- or FIPA- compliant external hosting of NetSafe information.

How many downtime workstations are included in the price of the NetSafe license?

As a site license, we allow an unlimited number of workstation locations at your site.

Do you use scripting or script language for your NetSafe application?

No, our technology utilizes dynamic information in the data stream to drive user-defined rules. That eliminates the common problems of broken scripts, inability to send data and lengthy waits until the script is restored.


What delivery methods can NetDelivery accommodate?

NetDelivery allows recipients to receive information in multiple different formats, including TIFF, TXT, HL7/FHIR and PDF. It also accommodates more than a dozen delivery methods, including email (as text, attachment or weblink), publishing to a secure web site, fax, or distribution lists, with each recipient able to designate their preferred method and alternatives.

Do I have to buy all the features and functionalities when I purchase NetDelivery?

No, you can purchase whichever delivery methods you need. For example, you can purchase fax only or email only and then add other modules as your needs evolve.

Do you offer a virtualized faxing solution?

Yes. Our NetFoIP option allows you to virtualize faxing using your existing phone system, an external provider, or even POTS lines.

Do you have an inbound faxing solution?

Yes, Interbit offers an Enterprise Desktop Fax solution that supports inbound faxing as well as on-demand outbound faxing.

Are Interbit products compatible with all HCIS systems?

Yes, NetDelivery works with all major HCIS systems, including Cerner, MEDITECH, Epic and Allscripts.

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