BioWorld MedTech: Interbit Provides Hospital Data Solutions for Makeshift Sites of Service

Hospitals may be providing patient care outside of normal clinical settings during the COVID-19 outbreak, but this raises the question of how to access patient data systems in these makeshift settings. Arthur Young, president and CEO of Interbit Data Inc., of Natick, Mass., told BioWorld that the company’s solution is to add Internet-based access to its Netsafe system so that health care professionals operating in these unplanned sites have continuous access to patient records, ensuring patient data will be available to health care professionals working on the front lines of the pandemic.

Much of the existing capacity in COVID-19 hotspots, such as New York City, was overwhelmed by admissions, requiring the use of a hospital ship and a convention center. Interbit’s Netsafe is an automated software solution that gives the subscriber a method of accessing patient data when a hospital’s IT system may be offline, which can happen during power outages and natural disasters. However, cyberattacks, including those designed as ransomware, can also impede access to patient data, making an alternate method of access to patient data critical.


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Arthur Young is a visionary healthcare information systems entrepreneur who has focused Interbit Data’s offerings on providing secure and reliable methods of connecting users with HCIS information. Prior to founding Medical Systems Solutions (the precursor to Interbit Data) in 1997, Arthur spent 10 years with MEDITECH and three years at JJWild.

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