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Navigate downtimes and simplify communication complexities

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Our next-generation solution combines downtime data accessibility, an intelligent information engine and data security in one platform for your entire enterprise.

  • Deliver clinical continuity and operational productivity in a secure and HIPAA and PHIPA-compliant platform.
  • Mitigate revenue loss, protect your reputation, and most importantly, deliver safer patient care.
  • Access critical hospital information during downtimes and cyberattacks across your entire network.
  • Automate communication workflows to accommodate multidisciplinary teams and providers inside and outside your organization.
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downtime data accessibility software for healthcare
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Your systems may go down, but caring for your patients never stops

BeaconSafe, our award-winning solution provides unparalleled downtime data accessibility to all of your vital hospital information during planned, unplanned, and cyberattack events in a secure, HIPAA and PHIPA-compliant environment that ensures seamless care continuity, patient safety, and protection from financial loss.

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Manage and deliver secure messages across multiple sources and throughout the enterprise to eliminate care gaps

BeaconDelivery simplifies complicated, time-consuming processes in a vendor-agnostic solution that securely distributes EHR reports tailored to your delivery preferences, with flexible and configurable workflows to drive operational efficiency and save you valuable time and resources.

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Here's how the Beacon Solutions Platform manages your data

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Introducing our rebrand & the Beacon platform

Twenty-five years ago, technology and the use of data in healthcare wasn’t at all what it is today. Most hospitals didn’t have the ability to embrace technology and use it to its full potential.

Webinar: Cybersecurity and Downtime Risk: How to Win Your Board’s Confidence

Cybercriminals are targeting hospitals and unleashing ransomware to extract payment and bring clinical and business operations to a halt.

case study
Case Study
Hospital switches to NetDelivery to solve report distribution and tech-support woes, saving money

Hospital switches to NetDelivery to solve report automation and tech-support woes, saving money

We’ve got your back. Anytime. Anywhere.

Learn how our all-in-one Beacon platform delivers on the promises that healthcare business continuity during downtimes and communication workflow automation are possible.

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