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Interbit CEO Arthur Young on systems compatibility, NetDelivery’s versatility and bridging gaps in interoperability

Two of the hallmarks of Interbit Data’s products are their broad versatility and compatibility with different healthcare information systems. Recently, we caught up with President and CEO Arthur Young for some insight on how the products work alongside electronic health records and other information systems, to dispel some rumors and to talk about how NetDelivery helps address shortcomings in interoperability. […]

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Why disaster recovery isn’t enough in hospitals

Recently, we came across a funny healthcare tweet — which sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but bear with me. It came from the user @DrGlaucomflecken, an ophthalmologist and comedian. He was sharing a TikTok video he made about what happens when a hospital EHR system goes down. In it, a doctor in hospital scrubs is sitting at a monitor, […]

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Confronting a growing threat: A pragmatic approach for healthcare cybersecurity leaders

When it comes to healthcare, 2020 will go down as the year of the pandemic, when COVID-19 swept across the globe and swamped health systems with gravely ill patients and red ink. But it will also be remembered as the year when cyberattacks against hospitals went mainstream. With organizations shifting to remote workforces, the coronavirus pandemic has opened the door […]

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Registration Now Open for Our Latest Webinar, ‘From Attack to Recovery: Your Cybersecurity Battle Plan’

Registration Now Open for Our Latest Webinar, ‘From Attack to Recovery: Your Cybersecurity Battle Plan’ Cyberattacks against hospitals show little sign of letting up in 2020, underlining the urgent need for IT leaders to be prepared. In that spirit, Interbit Data will hold a webinar titled “From Attack to Recovery: Your Cybersecurity Battle Plan” on Thursday, Dec. 3. It’s our […]

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Join Us for Upcoming Webinar, ‘Cyberattacks Are Targeting Hospitals. How Prepared Are You?’

Two recent, high-profile ransomware attacks at hospitals, including one in Germany that led to the death of a patient, have dragged the issue of healthcare cybersecurity into the spotlight. It’s not a pretty picture. The federal government says the number of healthcare data breaches rose 196% in 2019. Ransomware attacks are increasingly the method of choice, and yet healthcare IT […]

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Deliver Healthcare Anywhere with Fax over IP: Webinar for Hospital Leaders

Interbit Data will host a webinar on Tuesday, October 20, to share how virtual fax over IP (FoIP) options are revolutionizing the way hospitals and health systems deliver care. The webinar, “Deliver Healthcare Anywhere with Fax over IP,” will highlight a case study from one hospital in rural Wyoming that uses Interbit Data’s NetFoIP solution (a NetDelivery module) to enable […]

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