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Join Us for Upcoming Webinar, ‘Cyberattacks Are Targeting Hospitals. How Prepared Are You?’

Two recent, high-profile ransomware attacks at hospitals, including one in Germany that led to the death of a patient, have dragged the issue of healthcare cybersecurity into the spotlight. It’s not a pretty picture. The federal government says the number of healthcare data breaches rose 196% in 2019. Ransomware attacks are increasingly the method of choice, and yet healthcare IT […]

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Deliver Healthcare Anywhere with Fax over IP: Webinar for Hospital Leaders

Interbit Data will host a webinar on Tuesday, October 20, to share how virtual fax over IP (FoIP) options are revolutionizing the way hospitals and health systems deliver care. The webinar, “Deliver Healthcare Anywhere with Fax over IP,” will highlight a case study from one hospital in rural Wyoming that uses Interbit Data’s NetFoIP solution (a NetDelivery module) to enable […]

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