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Success Stories

See how our clients are using Beacon to:

  • Maintain business continuity with our healthcare downtime solution

  • Improve communication workflows with our patient data distribution software

Star Valley Health logo

Problem: Star Valley needed to electronically deliver radiology and lab reports outside the hospital to ordering providers in remote locations where patients live.

Solution: Interbit’s solution gave Star Valley the ability to seamlessly reach rural communities safely and streamlined data delivery in a HIPAA-compliant way, eliminating the need for cumbersome equipment and reducing overall costs.

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Saratoga Hospital logo

Problem: A 13-year client, Saratoga Hospital, encountered challenges with efficiently routing critical data to its destinations and ensuring this data would be available during downtimes.

Solution: Interbit created a novel solution due to its flexibility and adaptability, allowing the hospital to effectively manage its vast amount of reports (35K per day) and separate and route COVID-19 results to specific recipients in their preferred format.

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William Osler logo

Problem: Communicate externally to 5,800+ providers who were referring patients to its hospitals and, due to COVID, needed to cancel appointments—immediately.

Solution: Interbit’s creative solution got the message out to the health systems’ 1.3 million community members by implementing an alternative to traditional faxing, sending data to off-site locations and clinics in an automated, HIPAA-compliant way.

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St. Mary's Healthcare logo

Problem: Eliminate the manual process of sending critical patient information to physicians from MEDITECH in various formats to meet individual physician offices’ preferences. Additionally, they needed the ability to securely access reports for each patient should they experience a downtime event.

Solution: Interbit solved the challenge of sharing patient data securely across many sites with tailored delivery to accommodate physician offices’ preferences. And it ensured access to critical patient information during downtimes delivering reports to workstations every 15 minutes.

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DCH logo

Problem: Eliminate the need for manual delivery and faxing of MEDITECH reports across their hospital network of 80+ off-site locations.

Solution: Interbit’s solution improved efficiency by automating the delivery of patient data faster and more reliably, cut annual costs by $40K, and increased patient volumes.

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healthcare system

Problem: Ensure consistent, seamless access to patient data across disparate sources during downtimes to support their 33 specialties in 20 communities. In this case, data from the blood bank system was not compatible with Epic.

Solution: Interbit’s agnostic solution enabled access to patient data across sources in a secure, HIPAA-compliant format through automated workflows and became the primary downtime solution for the health system.

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Case Study
Hospital switches to NetDelivery to solve report distribution and tech-support woes, saving money

Hospital switches to NetDelivery to solve report automation and tech-support woes, saving money

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