Best Practice Downtime Business Continuance Assurance

Does your facility have a modern redundancy protocol for planned or unplanned HCIS and network downtime?

NetSafe Workflow

The NetSafe Server and Web Client are installed between your HCIS and workstations to continuously update reports at regular intervals so clinicians and admissions always have the latest patient information

NetSafe allows you to capture reports generated by your healthcare information system (HCIS), automatically extract data elements, and store the encrypted reports at multiple local designated workstations and devices throughout your network at regular intervals to ensure that the most recent patient data is captured. Having up-to-date patient information available whenever clinicians and admissions need it ensures they can deliver quality patient care, maintain high patient satisfaction and avoid costly or life threatening mistakes even when your systems or networks are unavailable.

By ensuring clinicians have access to critical data during periods of system failure or extended downtime, healthcare organizations mitigate risks to patient care and safety.

Feature & Function Highlights

  • Simple desktop application login provides same workflow as uptime
  • Define an unlimited number of rules for capturing reports
  • Scan reports for locations and automatically deliver to appropriate devices
  • Store data at an unlimited number of local workstations and devices throughout your network
  • Send reports to multiple locations to improve efficiency
  • Encrypt data to maintain confidentiality
  • Batch open, print and close multiple encrypted reports quickly
  • Automatically purge older reports to preserve space and eliminate report conflict
  • Search data with a simple GUI client to retrieve report information
  • Create audit trail of all data accessed through comprehensive logging and store logs of all reports on the central server

Clinician Implementation

A typical implentation for clinicians will establish multiple designated downtime, red-plug, tagged workstations and devices in each department throughout the hospital.  Clinicians and administrators are trained to know which are the designated downtime workstations and devices in their area.


Staff only needs to click on the automatically installed NetSafe application on their desktop or designated workstation and login with their credentials.



Maintain immediate access to critical healthcare data during downtime, no matter what your network or system status

  • Maintain high standards of patient care and patient satisfaction
  • Uninterrupted delivery of patient care
  • Improve workflow and productivity with fast, familiar access to up-to-date information
  • Critical patient information is available to all clinical staff
  • Patients can be admitted even if HCIS access is interrupted


Lower the impact of downtime on efficiency while reducing costs and liability exposure

  • Uninterrupted availability of up-to-date patient healthcare records
  • Eliminate wasteful and time-consuming report printing
  • Minimize liability by ensuring the information required to deliver care is always available
  • Increase staff efficiency by providing information at their fingertips
  • Decrease rescheduling of procedures and surgeries


Achieve "best practice" compliance with downtime EMR availability requirements while serving clinicians more easily

  • Around the clock protection and accessibility
  • Secure, encrypted accessibility
  • Dramatically reduce demands on IT
  • Reduce printer support requests by minimizing printing requirements
  • Uninterrupted operations without IT intervention
  • Invisibly serve clinicians with always up-to-date patient information

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