Hospitals don't get sick time. Neither should your HCIS.

NetSafe Workflow
NetSafe allows you to capture reports generated by your healthcare information system (HCIS), automatically extract data elements, and store the encrypted reports at locations throughout your network at regular intervals to ensure that the most recent patient data is captured. Having up-to-date patient information available whenever clinicians need it ensures they can deliver quality patient care even when your systems or networks are unavailable. By ensuring clinicians have access to critical data during periods of system failure or extended downtime, healthcare organizations mitigate risks to patient care and safety.

With NetSafe's companion product, Downtime Patient Verification (DPV), clinicians can also ensure positive patient identification and verification of paperwork and medication during a system or network outage.

Technical Specifications

  • Define an unlimited number of rules for capturing reports
  • Scan reports for locations and automatically deliver to appropriate devices
  • Store data at an unlimited number of locations throughout your network
  • Send reports to multiple locations to improve efficiency
  • Encrypt data to maintain confidentiality
  • Search data with a simple GUI client to retrieve report information
  • Create audit trail of all data accessed through comprehensive logging and store logs of all reports on the central server

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