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Hospitals & IDNs

HCIS Integrations

Beacon, the perfect complement to:

  • Integrate your HCIS and hospital communication workflows

  • Store data from your HCIS so that physicians have patient information access during downtimes and cyberattacks

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Hospital workflow
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Vendor-agnostic to its core

With more data and multiple sources, including EHRs, telehealth, mobile health apps, and wearables, the ability to harmonize data regardless of your HCIS is key.

Beacon integrates with any source, format, or method and can distribute across your network.

With improved hospital communication workflows and patient information access for physicians, even during downtimes, you can ensure care continuity across your enterprise.

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Sources and Formats
  • Epic
  • Cerner
  • MEDITECH (and Expanse)
  • Allscripts
  • Labs
  • Rx
  • MPI
  • Census
  • Schedules
Communication Methods
  • NetFoIP
  • DesktopFax
  • DirectExchange
  • IntegrationModule (HL7)
  • Secure texting
  • Email
  • Payers
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Clinics
  • Providers
  • Labs
  • Pharmacy
  • Admissions & administration
  • Nursing stations
  • Web client

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Twenty-five years ago, technology and the use of data in healthcare wasn’t at all what it is today. Most hospitals didn’t have the ability to embrace technology and use it to its full potential.

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case study
Case Study
Hospital switches to NetDelivery to solve report distribution and tech-support woes, saving money

Hospital switches to NetDelivery to solve report automation and tech-support woes, saving money

We’ve got your back. Anytime. Anywhere.

Learn how our all-in-one Beacon platform delivers on the promises that healthcare business continuity during downtimes and communication workflow automation are possible.

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