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Beacon Platform

A report delivery platform and downtime application for Epic, MEDITECH and Cerner

Beacon manages, stores, and distributes critical healthcare information anytime, anywhere.

Uniquely equipped to solve your two most common information accessibility challenges to keep your clinicians and staff connected to their patients, always.

  • Business and clinical continuity during downtimes and cyberattacks
  • Automated, secure communications of healthcare information
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Uninterrupted accessibility.
Beacon solves your everyday problems.

A purpose-built vendor-agnostic solution compatible with any EHR system including MEDITECH and Epic. This downtime application and report delivery software keep the lights on so that patient safety can remain at the bow.


Provide an air gap solution, known as CyberVault, using an isolated, on-premise or cloud-based secure server updated regularly, ensuring business and clinical continuity. Maintain clinical operations by administering medications, processing new patients, and capturing charges. When you’re back online, sync downtime documentation.

Planned and
Unplanned Downtimes

Access to health records by pushing critical data securely to your point of care workstations throughout your network allowing providers to deliver care in a HIPAA and PHIPA-compliant environment. When you’re back online, sync downtime documentation.

Communication Workflows

Deliver patient reports from multiple sources, intelligently ingest the data, encrypt it in a HIPAA and PHIPA-compliant format, and distribute it based on individual (provider, payer, or administrators) preferences inside and outside of your organization.

Here's how the Beacon platform works

beacon platform technical diagram

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Twenty-five years ago, technology and the use of data in healthcare wasn’t at all what it is today. Most hospitals didn’t have the ability to embrace technology and use it to its full potential.

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Case Study
Hospital switches to NetDelivery to solve report distribution and tech-support woes, saving money

Hospital switches to NetDelivery to solve report automation and tech-support woes, saving money

We’ve got your back. Anytime. Anywhere.

Learn how our all-in-one Beacon platform delivers on the promises that healthcare business continuity during downtimes and communication workflow automation are possible.

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