St. Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam, NY, Eliminates Manual Report Distribution with Interbit Data

St. Mary’s was looking for a way to streamline report distribution among its many off-site locations, including four family health centers and seven behavioral health centers sprawled across two counties. The system partnered with Interbit Data to implement NetDelivery, enabling multiple delivery options to satisfy the various customer needs.

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Patient Data in Hospital Downtimes

The Hidden Cost of Hospital System Downtimes

Despite every hospital and health system’s efforts to deliver high-quality, efficient care and keep business operations running smoothly at all times, healthcare information system (HCIS) downtimes inevitably occur. Sometimes these are planned (routine maintenance, updating of systems, or switching from one EHR to another) and sometimes they are unplanned (power outages, natural disasters, system malfunctions, or cyberattacks).

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