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In this time of crisis and uncertainty, hospitals and health systems are more focused than ever on maintaining the health and safety of their patients and staff members. Clinical teams need 24/7 access to patient information so they may continue to deliver uninterrupted, high-quality care.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented global crisis, and hospitals and health systems are facing many logistical and other challenges they could not have anticipated.

Accessing patient data outside the four walls of the hospital, notifying clinics and offsite locations about appointment changes or cancellations, and transmitting COVID-19 test results in a HIPAA-compliant way are just some of the ways Interbit Data’s NetSafe and NetDelivery solutions have been able to help hospitals manage the challenges related to the current situation seamlessly, so that healthcare workers can focus on what matters most – delivering high-quality care.

Read our insights brief to learn:

• How digital faxing helps health systems disseminate large volumes of information quickly
• How to confidentially share COVID-19 test and antibody results with the correct recipients
• How to share and access critical patient data in nontraditional hospital settings


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Arthur Young

Arthur Young is a visionary healthcare information systems entrepreneur who has focused Interbit Data’s offerings on providing secure and reliable methods of connecting users with HCIS information. Prior to founding Medical Systems Solutions (the precursor to Interbit Data) in 1997, Arthur spent 10 years with MEDITECH and three years at JJWild.