DCH Regional Medical Center Improves Efficiency with Interbit Data’s NetDelivery Software

Based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, DCH Regional Medical Center is a 583-bed hospital that operates specialty units for pediatrics, orthopedics, cancer and cardiology, as well as the region’s most advanced trauma center and intensive care units.

Eager to use the internet and end a long-time reliance on manual delivery and faxing as means for distributing information generated by the MEDITECH healthcare information system (HCIS), DCH Regional Medical Center sought a solution that would automatically send the MEDITECH data and reports over its network to target recipients.

“NetDelivery gives us the ability to push data through the internet on-demand and deliver it faster and more reliably,” says Kelly Wells, Assistant Director of IT at DCH Regional Medical Center. “It’s simple and straightforward to use, and because Interbit Data is familiar with MEDITECH, they offered instructions for setting up the software that made the implementation very easy.”

DCH Regional originally purchased NetDelivery to address the document distribution needs of clinicians in its community, as well as internal customers, and to provide rapid distribution of reports to numerous users at one time. However, once the hospital started using the software, various hospital leaders and staff across departments discovered its potential in areas beyond distributing data from MEDITECH.

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  • How to move from manual delivery and faxing to internet-based delivery
  • How to send data offsite locations and clinics in a HIPPA-compliant way
  • How automated data delivery can improve workflow in HR and other administrative functions

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Arthur Young is a visionary healthcare information systems entrepreneur who has focused Interbit Data’s offerings on providing secure and reliable methods of connecting users with HCIS information. Prior to founding Medical Systems Solutions (the precursor to Interbit Data) in 1997, Arthur spent 10 years with MEDITECH and three years at JJWild.

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