William Osler Health System turns to Interbit Data’s NetDelivery for COVID-19 emergency mass notification

In March, due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario, the government asked that all Ontario hospitals scale down on non-urgent surgeries and clinical activity to help healthcare staff and physicians preserve capacity for possible elevation in COVID cases that would require hospital care. This left Osler with a daunting challenge: Staff had less than a week to notify every provider that had referred patients for appointments that there were going to be cancellations and no scheduling of new appointments.

Faced with this unprecedented demand, Osler staff quickly realized they had no way to easily notify all the providers from outside clinics, some of them many hundreds of miles away, about the cancellations. The health system had a paging system to send out mass communications to internal staff members, but no way of communicating externally to the more than 5,800 providers who refer patients to its hospitals. The only option was to manually contact each individual clinic by phone — a process that likely would entail assigning four or five employees to look up contact information and place calls full-time for at least a week, and then hope that staff at the mostly shuttered clinics were monitoring their voicemails.

<3h>Download the full case study to learn how NetDelivery provided William Osler with:

  • Secure alternatives to traditional faxing
  • Innovative solutions to scheduling challenges
  • Data delivery to offsite locations and clinics in a HIPAA-compliant way

Download the Case Study


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Arthur Young is a visionary healthcare information systems entrepreneur who has focused Interbit Data’s offerings on providing secure and reliable methods of connecting users with HCIS information. Prior to founding Medical Systems Solutions (the precursor to Interbit Data) in 1997, Arthur spent 10 years with MEDITECH and three years at JJWild.

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