Don’t let planned, unplanned, or cyberattack events set you back. When systems go down, NetSafe activates for care continuity in downtimes.

Allow your IT department to focus on restoring the HCIS and operations.

Whether downtime is a planned system update, or an unplanned event such as a natural disaster, power outage, or cyberattack, our purpose-built solution enables uninterrupted access to your critical healthcare data in a secure, HIPAA and PHIPA-compliant on-premise or cloud-based environment.

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Complement your cyber resiliency and business strategies.

An award-winning solution designed to deliver peace of mind so that care delivery continues during downtimes, helping you mitigate financial risk while maintaining operational productivity safely.

Isolated, on-site and cloud-based server(s) for cyberattacks
  • Store information in a protected, on-premise or cloud-based secure server, backed up regularly
  • An air gap solution, known as CyberVault, safe and independent from your primary network
Network workflows for planned and unplanned downtimes
  • Store your critical healthcare data at your desired destination(s) (on-premise or cloud-based) within your network
  • Create custom workflows to be leveraged for distribution during a downtime
Immediate workflow activation during downtimes and cyber events
  • When a downtime or cyber event occurs, workflows activate to distribute information to stakeholders
24/7 access to patient data for operational productivity
  • Administer care with access to patient information from your HCIS, including the MPI, Census, eMar, and patient forms
  • Dispense medication and print wristbands and barcode labels to ensure care continuity across all of your workstations, driving optimal staff productivity
Vendor-agnostic receiving data from EHRs, digital, and electronic sources
  • Compatible with any EHR system including all versions of MEDITECH (including Expanse), Epic, Cerner, and AllScripts
  • Receive data from digital and electronic sources outside of EHRs accommodating all formats
Secure and compliant
  • Route encrypted, HIPAA and PHIPA-compliant clinical and site information to secure, designated workstations with authenticated user access throughout your hospital and IDN
Seamless synchronization and audit trails
  • Synchronize all downtime documentation and reporting when systems come back online
  • Comprehensive audit trail
Subscription-based pricing
  • Supports an unlimited amount of local workstations and devices
Easy and intuitive
  • User-friendly interface that provides a simple and efficient experience with highly customizable functions, including the ability to designate different levels of access

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Operating Systems & Hardware Requirements

Supported Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

NetSafe is a standalone software application that runs on the following Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

Windows Server 2022Windows 11
Windows Server 2019Windows 10
Windows Server 2016Windows 8.1

Windows Server 2012 R2Windows 8
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008 R2Windows 7
Windows Server 2008

Note: Either a 32-bit or 64-bit version is supported.
* End of life operating systems. Future releases are not guaranteed to be compatible.

Minimum Client Hardware Requirements

ProcessorDual-Core Processor
Memory(4) Gigabytes of Random-Access-Memory
Storage(2) Gigabytes of storage
SoftwarePDF viewer (e.g., Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader)
Resolution1366 x 768

Minimum Server Hardware Requirements

ProcessorQuad-Core Processor
Memory(4) Gigabytes of Random-Access-Memory
Storage(120) Gigabytes (Data Drive)
SoftwarePDF viewer (e.g., Adobe Reader)
Resolution1366 x 768

Recommended Server Hardware Requirements

ProcessorOcto-Core Processor
Memory(8) Gigabytes of Random-Access-Memory
Storage(240) Gigabytes (Data Drive)
SoftwarePDF viewer (e.g., Adobe Reader)
Resolution1366 x 768

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