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NATICK, MA—Interbit Data is pleased to announce the availability of the Beacon platform, an enterprise solution designed to assist hospitals address evolving communications demands and the need for care continuity in case of downtime – including a downtime caused by a cybersecurity incident.

The Beacon Platform includes the current offerings of NetDelivery, NetSafe, and CyberVault combining these solutions with an intelligent workflow engine, data management and process automation tools. The system delivers information to providers when and where they need it and in the format they prefer.

The company believes Beacon is a cost effective and essential solution for any hospital since it simplifies communications with intelligent reports distribution and offers critical patient information, whether the EMR and network is up and running.

“We created this platform to assist our clients’ demands of communication with providers because of value based care and other changes in reimbursement, and more importantly, with the rise of system disruption with downtime and cyberattacks, our clients require that information to be available, even when the EMR is not,” said Arthur Young, Interbit CEO.

Steve McDonald, President of Interbit, added, “The marketplace has demonstrated the need for our Communications and care continuity services. We naturally see long term care and markets beyond hospitals that also benefit from this solution. There is no “one size fits all” solution in healthcare, and user preference is an essential design philosophy with Beacon. We are thrilled to celebrate 25 years, and we are excited that this next phase of our company will continue our legacy of providing practical solutions to improve patient care.”

In addition to these changes, Interbit has received angel funding to help fund growth in sales, client service, and product development.

Interbit will be showcasing Beacon at MUSE Conference May 15-18 in Dallas, Texas.

For more information on Beacon or to book speaking engagements for topics of Cybersecurity mitigation or business continuity during downtimes, please contact Interbit to schedule.


Interbit Data provides software automation solutions that ensure clinicians and hospital staff always have easy, secure, and reliable access to patient information, so they can ensure the quality of care provided to their patients. Our Beacon Platform integrates with all HCIS platforms to distribute the information that care teams need to stay informed. We are the pioneer and best-practice leader in downtime business continuity, providing reliable access to patient information at the point-of-care during downtimes, as well as during more challenging cyber crises.