Report Distribution

Intelligently & Securely Automate Reporting for Well-Coordinated Patient Care & Optimal Productivity

Secure electronic delivery of healthcare records not only helps you to meet federal requirements for patient privacy and timely access, it also helps you run your organization more efficiently and provide better patient service. Our NetDelivery report distribution products enable you to simply and securely distribute reports generated by your healthcare information system (HCIS) to the clinicians and others across your facility involved in their care.

Send what you want, to who you want, where you want, when you want, how you want - automatically.


Our Solutions

Secure report distribution from your HCIS to multiple recipients and locations via fax, encrypted print stream, encrypted file, email, secure messaging, Direct Exchange and more.

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clinical communications

Report distribution via Fax to defined users. Replace dedicated physical fax appliances to seamlessly integrate into your existing Healthcare Information System.

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Integrations & Add-On Solutions

Completely virtualized faxing for NetDelivery enabling hospitals to improve operational efficiency, remove hardware constraints, and create automatic fail-over configurations.

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Send and receive any document as a fax inside or outside your facility at a moments notice via standard PC-based application print services.

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Take reports generated by your HCIS and reformat them so they can be delivered as HL7 messages to physician practice EMRs. Reduce costs and increase productivity.

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Deliver information to providers using the HIPAA-compliant Direct Messaging network 

Available Q3 2019

Secure Text Messaging

Extract data from source and deliver to texting apps via NetDelivery

Individual Delivery Licenses

License individual delivery methods including email, fax, DirectExchange, Secure Text Messaging, network sharing and more






Deliver accurate patient information automatically with intelligence and security
while improving 
clinician workflow and productivity

  • Maintain your high standards of patient care by securely distributing patient information in a timely manner
  • Improve access to information within your organization and for clinician practices and patients
  • Improve workflow and productivity with fast access to up-to-date information
  • Automate communications to improve efficiency and responsiveness
  • Alert clinicians of critical results to improve patient care
  • Increase time spent on patient care by eliminating manual process of report faxing and distribution
  • Reduce capital expenditures by implementing a virtualized report distribution solution


Distribute reports more cost-effectively and efficiently
while improving hospital reputation and 
clinician retention

  • Reduce operational expenses by increasing efficiency through automated information distribution
  • Optimize staff time by automating communications processes
  • Eliminate wasteful and time-consuming paper-based printing
  • Reduce postage costs for the mailing of reports


Streamline report distribution with automated tools
that frees IT to work on other projects

  • Provide secure accessibility to EHRs while dramatically reducing the demands on your time and resources
  • Simplify management by automating communications processes
  • Automate EMR integration with tools that automatically transform reports into EMR-compatible formats
  • Reduce printer support requests by minimizing printing requirements
  • Respond quickly to problems with automatic delivery of delay and failure notification

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