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The New Interbit Data Corporate Advisory Board is Just One More Component That We Use to Keep Ahead of IT Trends

The advisory board includes healthcare, business, law, technology and marketing experts who provide third-party insight on strategic planning, and ensure the continued quality of services and products to our healthcare customers.

We’re thrilled with the caliber of the board members who have signed on. They are all preeminent experts in various aspects of the Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) industry. The board includes:

  • John Haffty, President of Navin, Haffty and Associates – Mr. Haffty has more than 30 years of experience with Healthcare Information Systems (HCISs), and is a recognized expert in the MEDITECH HCIS. His firm, Navin, Haffty and Associates, is the largest consulting company focused exclusively on the MEDITECH market and has worked with some of MEDITECH’s largest and most complex organizations. Mr. Haffty concentrates on preparing organizations for migration to MEDITECH 6.0, achieving Meaningful Use status and large-scale IT organization modeling.
  • William F. O’Toole, Jr., Principal of O’Toole Law Group, PC – Mr. O’Toole and his firm, O’Toole Law Group, focus exclusively on Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) acquisition. After more than two decades as corporate counsel at MEDITECH, Mr. O’Toole established O’Toole Law Group in 2009. He has accumulated extensive experience dealing with healthcare organizations throughout the United States, Canada and beyond, and gained insight into the wide range of issues, needs and goals of the many types of entities in the Healthcare sector.
  • Lisa Dennis, President and Founder of Knowledgence Associates – Ms. Dennis and her firm focus on marketing, sales and customer service program development and execution for business-to-business products and services in the High Tech, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance and Information industries. Ms. Dennis helps organizations incorporate a 360-degree view of the customer in their marketing, sales and customer service strategies. She is a national speaker on marketing and sales topics, and a regular columnist with .
  • Chris Fibbe, Principal and Co-founder of ITK Solutions Group – Mr. Fibbe is a management consultant whose firm provides systems integration and advice. Mr. Fibbe has an extensive background in professional services, technology implementation and practice development. He has accumulated years of experience as an entrepreneur and successful business leader guiding startups, mergers and acquisitions.

We feel honored to be able to tap into the extensive knowledge and experience these experts possess in their respective areas, and use it to best serve our customers in meeting their information distribution and business continuance needs.