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Interbit Data and Park Place International Partner to Bring Report Distribution and Business Continuance to More Customers

We’re thrilled to announce a new dimension to our partnership with Park Place International, a full-service provider of cloud-based and on-premise technology solutions for MEDITECH and the healthcare enterprise. Park Place will now be able to introduce both Interbit Data’s NetDelivery Report Distribution and NetSafe Business Continuance software solutions to customers when the need for these solutions are identified as part of a MEDITECH Healthcare Information System (HCIS) implementation.

We have already successfully worked together to provide NetDelivery report distribution solutions to MEDITECH hospitals. Now, with this agreement, Park Place can provide customers with NetSafe, a software solution that provides a high level of disaster tolerance for healthcare facilities. It does this by automatically distributing
up-to-date patient information from the HCIS to local computers across a healthcare facility, enabling 24×7 uninterrupted patient care during system or network downtime.

The combination of Interbit Data’s technology and Park Place International’s expertise will result in customers getting a combination of products that help ensure their MEDITECH HCIS operates at maximum performance, reliability and efficiency.

For those of you not familiar with Park Place International, it is a full-service cloud services provider and solutions integrator for MEDITECH. They offer a complete array of MEDITECH-certified technologies for the data center, with an emphasis on designing solutions to meet individual hospital requirements with the goal of operational sustainability. Additionally, they offer Technology Consulting services and cloud-based services that include OpSus|Live, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for MEDITECH, and OpSus|Recover, disaster recovery services for MEDITECH and enterprise applications. You can visit their website at:

Have you implemented a business continuance solution for your healthcare organization?