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NetSafe Includes Active Directory Integration

Latest NetSafe Release Includes Active Directory Integration, Expanded Report Format Options and Web Client Option

Major upgrade to NetSafe downtime protection and business continuance solution dramatically simplifies secure access to patient records during downtime.

Interbit Data works continuously to keep ahead of emerging healthcare IT trends and deliver breakthrough technology solutions for our clients. Our latest endeavor is a major upgrade to NetSafe business continuance and downtime protection software.

In case you’re not familiar with NetSafe, it’s a software solution that provides a high level of disaster tolerance for healthcare facilities by automatically distributing up-to-date patient information from healthcare information systems (HCIS) to local computers across a healthcare facility, enabling 24/7 uninterrupted patient care during a system or network downtime.

How we made a great healthcare business continuance solution even better

We are already a leading provider of emerging healthcare technology solutions that give our customers secure, reliable and cost-effective solutions to their biggest challenges, but we couldn’t stop there. The latest NetSafe upgrade is available as a virtualized solution, and provides:

  • Active Directory support that enables “Single Sign-On”
    The Active Directory integration simplifies secure access to NetSafe. Clinicians can log in to the NetSafe Client using the same log-in credentials they use for accessing their work computer.
  • A Client Login Backup
    Client Login Backup uses a local authentication table if connectivity to the Active Directory server is unavailable
  • Expanded report format options
    New tools have expanded the types of report formats NetSafe can process, including the ability to process PDF and TIFF formatted files, as well as optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Web Client option that provides secure access via the cloud
    The NetSafe Web Client provides access to patient records in the cloud, enabling users of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices to access critical data wirelessly in the event that power, as well as systems and wired networks are down

With this latest NetSafe upgrade, we continue our focus on providing clinicians access to patient information when they need it. To find out more, give us a call or visit the NetSafe product page on our website. If you are an existing customer, contact Interbit Data’s Customer Support to schedule an upgrade.