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NetSafe in the Cloud

Get Wireless Access to Critical Patient Data During Power and Network Outages

NetSafe Web Client provides access to up-to-date patient records stored securely in the cloud, enhancing business continuance coverage during power and network outages.

At Interbit Data, we know how fast technology is changing – especially when it comes to the healthcare industry. That’s why we move even faster, so we can keep providing breakthrough software and services that help our clients provide more efficient healthcare.

Business continuance and downtime protection are always top-of-mind for healthcare providers, where uninterrupted access to up-to-date patient records is critical. Nowhere is technology changing faster than in the area of cloud computing, and how this technology can be used to greatly enhance business continuance planning.

With healthcare business continuance, the more contingency plans, the better

You know when your electronic patient information is unavailable—because the healthcare information systems (HCIS) are down or unreachable—your ability to care for patients is compromised. The primary focus of our NetSafe downtime protection solution has always been business continuance, and we have many years of experience in developing solutions in this area.

Because we know how fast the game is changing, we are always looking for ways that NetSafe can increase the security and accessibility of patient data. Our latest solution, NetSafe Web Client, provides yet another contingency option by enabling you to access patient data from the cloud. Users of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices can now access critical data wirelessly in the event that power, as well as systems and wired networks, experience an outage.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our NetSafe product, in a nutshell, it automatically uploads up-to-date patient information from HCIS to local computers and devices. The new NetSafe Web Client provides the added peace of mind by securely uploading that data to the cloud, in addition to local workstations, thus providing yet another access point to critical data during a system or network downtime.

If you already have NetSafe and want to take it one step closer to the cloud, contact Interbit Data’s Customer Support to schedule an upgrade. If you are just starting to look at solutions for healthcare downtime protection and business continuance, give us a call or take a look at our NetSafe product page for more information.