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Announcing NetRelay! Secure Text Messaging & More

NetRelay is now here and available to all current and new customers!

NetRelay is a HIPAA-compliant healthcare communications platform.

With NetRelay, your organization can improve message delivery, tracking and workflow when relaying information and activity statuses across your facility, enabling more effective communications. NetRelay uses the NetDelivery engine to provide out-of-the-box integration with your HCIS applications.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Getting important messages from one staff member to another or one department to another without impacting productivity, workflow or patient care.
  • Getting critical lab values and radiology results sent to and acknowledged by a patient’s physician.

NetRelay can be used to communicate critical lab values, radiology results, patient admissions and discharges, waiting room statuses, housekeeping needs, patient meal deliveries and more. With NetRelay, your organization can enable secure critical value messaging with improved staff workflow that reduces alert fatigue and acknowledgment wait times.