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As always, I thank our customers for choosing Interbit Data as a partner for their HCIS environment. We are committed to ensuring that we continue to provide the best products and services available in the marketplace.

Every once in a while, we receive information that customers and prospective customers have been advised that our products are incompatible with the MEDITECH 6.x environment. This is simply not true. In fact, we have been working with 6.x since the first beta site (one of our customers) went live. We are tracking down the source of this misinformation and hope to let them know their mistake.

We work with all versions of MEDITECH as well as most of the other systems in the HCIS marketplace.

If you have been informed otherwise, I would appreciate a note or call and encourage you to speak with us. It is not just in our interest. In most cases the incremental upgrade for our software will be many thousands of dollars less than any alternative.

Again, thank you for being our customer. Please feel free to contact me or anyone here at Interbit Data with any questions or comments.

Arthur Young

Arthur Young is a visionary healthcare information systems entrepreneur who has focused Interbit Data’s offerings on providing secure and reliable methods of connecting users with HCIS information. Prior to founding Medical Systems Solutions (the precursor to Interbit Data) in 1997, Arthur spent 10 years with MEDITECH and three years at JJWild.