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Webinar for hospital leaders: Deliver Healthcare Anywhere with Fax over IP

The webinar highlights a case study from one hospital in rural Wyoming that uses Interbit’s NetFoIP (fax over IP) solution to enable its orthopedic specialists to deliver care to a wider geographic area.

“Our mission at Interbit is to make healthcare data accessible anytime, anywhere, to empower frontline care workers to deliver safe, high-quality care,” says Arthur Young, President and CEO of Interbit Data. “NetFoIP enabling rural health systems to keep their doors open and helping to extend specialist care to communities who otherwise would lack access is a perfect example of how our products help both patients and businesses and push the boundaries and limitations of healthcare.”

NetFoIP can help hospitals:

  • Transmit IP-enabled faxes even without Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Remove or consolidate fax machines and modems, reducing equipment and maintenance costs and eliminating hardware failures
  • Manage all incoming faxes in Microsoft Windows directories using NetFoIP’s optional Inbound Fax Client

Hospitals and health system leaders, healthcare IT vendors, industry consultants and members of the media are invited to attend the upcoming webinar.

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Arthur Young
Featured Speaker

Arthur Young
Founder & President

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