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Phelps Memorial Health Center Implements NetRelay

We announced today that Phelps Memorial Health Center (PMHC) in Nebraska has implemented NetRelay, our healthcare communications platform providing secure text and other features automating HIPAA-compliant message delivery, tracking and workflow across healthcare organizations.

PMHC selected NetRelay for its ability to integrate seamlessly with Healthcare Information System (HCIS) applications without requiring interfaces, which enables clinical staff to easily retrieve important patient data contained in these systems for securely and automatically sending messages and critical value alerts to physicians and other clinicians.

“NetRelay contains all the secure messaging features we were looking for, including image capture and indexing to medical records, but it was NetRelay’s integration capabilities that really sold us and gave it the edge over similar products,” said Andrew Van Campen, Director of IT, Phelps Memorial Health Center.

NetRelay takes data from HCIS applications and turns it into a secure message that can be delivered to mobile devices, NetRelay Messaging Consoles and/or through the Interbit Data NetDelivery hospital data exchange to email, fax, printers and electronic medical records (EMRs). Automatic message escalation can be enabled for important messages requiring response. Message filtering based on importance allows only those messages a clinician considers important to be sent and escalated, helping to reduce alert fatigue.

PMHC implemented NetRelay in less than two days and rolled it out to 70 clinicians’ smartphones in the same week. As soon as the initial application setup was complete on their smartphones, most of the clinicians were up-to-speed on using the product. All physicians, nurses, lab technicians and emergency room staff at the hospital are using NetRelay.

“With NetRelay, critical values and other patient information is communicated securely as well as efficiently to clinicians’ smartphones, and message responses and acknowledgements can be made quickly and easily,” said Van Campen. “NetRelay is a very well-built communications platform that operates consistently and is user-friendly, which is a big advantage for us. As Interbit Data continues to develop NetRelay, it’s just going to get better and better.”

NetRelay was developed in a hospital environment with the goal of enhancing clinical messaging speed and workflow, ultimately enabling more effective staff communications and greater efficiency and throughput leading to optimal patient care.

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