NetSafe Downtime Continuum

The Unique Challenges of Cyber Attack Lock Downs on Business Continuity and How to Be Prepared

During planned, unplanned and disaster downtime occurrences, a hospital’s IT, clinical and staff have greater control over their patient information. Typically they have more certainty that the data will be there when they need it.  For these situations, NetSafe Point-of-Care is the best practice solution for providing local data at the point-of-care during downtimes.

Cyber attacks, on the other hand, pose a much greater challenges to accessing patient information when in a lock down situation.  Hospitals and patients are much more (some would say completely) vulnerable.  The timing and lack of control means that clinicians have no data, whatsoever. In addition, their system and networks have been breached by someone with ill intentions.   We call this a cyber crisis because time is of the essence and preparation is the key. That’s why Interbit Data created the CyberCrisis Vault –  a ‘hardened’ version of NetSafe to ensure access to critical patient information, no matter.