Virtual machines don't like modems. But they like NetFoIP.

NetFoIP is an exciting option for our NetDelivery and NetFax customers that adds enhanced capabilities, increases reliability and, best of all, reduces costs.

NetFoIP provides completely virtualized faxing for NetDelivery and NetFax, enabling hospitals to improve operational efficiency, remove hardware constraints, and create automatic fail-over configurations.

A VoIP-enabled phone system isn’t necessary with NetFoIP, as it provides software-enabled fax over IP (FoIP) without requiring an existing voice over IP (VoIP) network or phone system. We help you take advantage of low-cost VoIP technology by providing the ability to connect directly to generic session initiation protocol (SIP) providers in the U.S. and Canada.

With NetFoIP, you can:

  • Transmit IP-enabled faxes even if you don’t have VoIP
  • Remove and/or consolidate fax machines and modems, reducing equipment and maintenance costs, and eliminating hardware failures
  • Manage all incoming faxes in Microsoft Windows directories using NetFoIP’s optional Inbound Fax Client


  • Use virtualization to eliminate or consolidate fax machines and modems to lower equipment, maintenance and operating costs
  • Create automatic fail-over configurations
  • Eliminate hardware to reduce points of failure
  • Use software-enabled FoIP and virtualization without an existing VoIP network

With NetFoIP’s optional Inbound Fax Client, hospitals will be able to manage all their incoming faxes in Microsoft Windows directories. The Inbound Fax Client also enables them to:

  • Configure inbound faxing rules utilizing direct inward dialing (DID) technology, enabling inbound and outbound fax routing
  • View, move, and/or categorize received faxes
  • Split multi-page faxes
  • Search and retrieve faxes
  • Utilize Microsoft Windows directory storage and security
  • Provide audit trail of all activities
  • Deploy as needed (site license)

By virtualizing information distribution with digital fax communications, we are helping hospitals meet two critical goals when implementing new technology—reduce costs and simplify management.

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