Patient Reports Securely Delivered to Physician's EMRs in HL7 Data Format for Converting Into Usable Text and Graphs

Healthcare providers require the ability to retrieve confidential patient information and distribute reports while ensuring the information remains confidential and secure. The NetDelivery Integration Module allows you to take reports generated by your HCIS and reformat them so they can be delivered as HL7 messages to physician practice EMRs. This HIPAA-compliant report distribution product can help you maintain security, reduce costs and increase productivity.

NetDelivery report distribution solutions enable hospitals and providers to simply and securely deliver reports generated from your HCIS system as forgettable HL7 message data to those who need the information. Your users get the information they need in the format that makes it easy for them to do their jobs, helping increase the efficiency of your organization.

Features and Benefits

  • The NetDelivery Integration Module option offers additional features and benefits that ensure efficiency and security:
  • Integration with physician’s EMR becomes as easy as printing a report.
  • Recipients and destinations can be extracted from reports to increase the accuracy of who gets what report, improve security by not sending information to the wrong person, or having confidential patient information sitting on an unsecured fax machine.
  • Reports can be sent to multiple recipients to improve efficiency.
  • Outbound queues can be centrally managed to improve the management of your communications.
  • MPI mapping can be defined to ensure reports are associated with the correct patient file.
  • User defined and managed, with updates supported by Interbit Data

Technical Specifications

  • Fully integrated with NetDelivery and runs on the NetDelivery server
  • Report/message format can be associated with one or more physicians
  • Define unlimited number of reports and/or rules
  • Monitor and correct delivery errors through report queues
  • Eliminates duplicate copies to same location through group entries
  • Creates audit trail through comprehensive logging

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Client Testimonials

With NetDelivery, reports are delivered to physicians’ secure hospital network folders in real‐time. All they need to do is go to the secure portal connecting them to the hospital, find their network folder and click and drag their patient’s file to their hard drive and their Practice Solutions EMR. Only one clerical person in the physician’s office would need to logon each morning to retrieve all of the physician’s patient reports and drag them to the EMR.

Brad Smith, Clinical Applications Consultant Cambridge Memorial Hospital
Cambridge, ON