FISASCORE® Data Breach Loss Calculator

What's the Cost of Your Hospital’s Information Security Risk?

How Much Lower Could Your Security Risk Be?

Have you ever wondered how much data breaches might cost your hospital or how improving your preparation might reduce that risk?

This quick and easy tool will help you estimate your hospital's approximate financial exposure to data breaches based on actual industry statistics. It will also enable you to estimate the reduction of your financial exposure given investments to improve your information security preparation.

It’s Fast, Easy and Free

Step 1

Step 2

Fill in four cells in the Client Inputs section

Cell 5B
Enter your hospital’s FISASCORE.  If you don’t know it, don’t worry, you can use the free online FISASCORE Estimator OR pick a number in the range, below, that makes sense.

Cell 6B
Select “Healthcare” as your Industry from the dropdown menu in the cell

Cell 7B
Enter the approximate number of Confidential Records stored by your hospital

Cell 13B
Enter a new Target FISASCORE® you would like to achieve to see the impact of your investment on information security.

Estimated Breach Frequency
(in years)

How often, in years, your hospital can expect a breach event given your preparation. Based on your FISASCORE and historical industry data.

Estimated Percent of Confidential Records Exposed

Estimated percent of your records which might be exposed, based on industry data and your preparation (FISASCORE)

Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE)

Annual dollar loss based on your expected breach frequency and the number of records exposed

  • If you enter the compare score, you will see how improved preparation will reduce your liability
Loss Categories

Shows the estimated at-risk costs per hospital record and total for all records

Estimated Breach Costs

Details the overall financial exposure from breaches and by specific categories. Categorizes costs by cause/type of loss.

RoSI for Target FISASCORE®

Estimates a “Return on Security Investment” from an improved level of preparation, showing the annual difference between one level of preparation and another.