WEBINAR: NetSafe, CyberCrisis Vault and the Unique Challenges of Cyber Attack Downtime on Business Continuity

Date: March 5, 2019

Time: 2:00 - 2:30 PM EST

No one wants to imagine a cyber attack at their hospital in which patient information is inaccessible due to a voluntary or involuntary lock down, and IT is pre-occupied working to restore the system. Preparation is the key to ensure access to patient records DURING the ensuing crisis so that patient care can be delivered without interruption. Make no mistake, the healthcare industry, in particular, is under attack by hackers who are increasingly looking for data-rich medical record files.

  • Learn how cyber attack downtime differs and is more challenging than planned, unplanned and disaster downtime
  • Get educated on what you need to know about cyber attacks and how they can interrupt access to patient information
  • Learn from other hospital’s mistakes and experiences
  • Find out how your hospital can put a first response plan in place to ensure access to patient information during a cyber crisis
  • Get introduced to NetSafe┬áCyberCrisis Vault, a robust, hardened, version of our industry-leading and battle-tested NetSafe point-of-care solution specifically designed for the unique challenges of cyber crises at hospitals.

This webinar is appropriate for anyone concerned with the risks to patient safety during a cyber crisis including roles associated with IT, Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery, Risk Management, Clinicians, Informatics, Admissions, Pharmacy, Imaging, Ambulatory and others.

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