WEBINAR: Ensuring Access to Critical Patient Information at the Point-of-Care During System Downtimes

Date: December 20, 2018

Time: 2:00 - 2:30 PM EST


During HCIS and network downtimes, nurses, physicians, admissions staff, lab and pharmacy managers and others can’t access up-to-date patient data when and where they need it. This can pose a true threat to delivering a great patient experience, as well as drastically disrupt staff workflow and productivity.

Give the Gift of Real-Time Business Continuity to Your Hospital Staff in 2019!
Nothing says you care more about your care team and their patient’s than ensuring your hospital has a modern automated solution for accessing patient information at the point-of-care DURING downtimes. If you’ve been thinking of just the right gift to give your clinicians and other staff in 2019, then this webinar is for you!

What You Will Learn

  • What downtime is and why it’s a real threat to delivering a great patient experience
  • Understand why business continuity backup & restoration is NOT the same thing as having a contingency plan to access patient information DURING downtimes
  • Learn about NetSafe, the “best practice” business continuity solution that will ensure that your staff can continue to deliver great patient experiences during downtimes
  • Find out how to make real-time downtime business continuity a priority at your hospital
  • Hear from a NetSafe customer on their successful deployment
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