WEBINAR: How to Make Business Continuance a Priority at Your Hospital (And Overcome the Threat of Downtime to the Patient Experience)

Date: September 27, 2018

Time: 2:00 - 2:30 PM

Has your hospital experienced a recent planned or unplanned downtime event? The answer is most likely YES as data shows hospitals experience an average of 2.7 downtime events every year.
During downtime, nurses, physicians, admissions staff, lab and pharmacy managers and others can’t access up-to-date patient data. This can pose a true threat to delivering a great patient experience.
Even when planned and communicated by your IT department, downtimes can linger on longer than expected and cause considerable disruption and aggravation to clinicians’ workflows.  Disrupted workflows have the potential to compromise patient care. 
Does your hospital have a plan for downtime business continuance?
With Interbit Data’s NetSafe Best Practice Downtime Business Continuance Assurance solution, clinicians have immediate and easy access at a moments notice to the most up-to-date patient information at their local workstations near the patient during a system downtime. No more looking for print-outs, complexity and confusion.
So why hasn’t your hospital made business continuance a priority and what will it take to get it budgeted and successfully deployed in your hospital to insure continuous high quality patient experiences? Find out how Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center did it and how your hospital can, too!
What You Will Learn
  • What downtime is and why it’s a real threat to delivering a great patient experience
  • Learn about NetSafe, the Best Practice Business Continuance Assurance solution that will assure that you can continue to deliver a great patient experience during downtimes
  • Find out how to make downtime business continuance a priority at your hospital by understanding who to talk to, how to influence and how to organize your hospital’s successful deployment
  • Hear from a NetSafe customer on their experience successfully deploying business continuance at their hospital. 

Who Should Attend: Nurses, Admissions Staff, Physicians, Lab Managers, Pharmacy Managers, Informatics and anyone who cares about the patient experience.

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