ZDowntime Patient Verification

Make positive patient identification along with verification of paperwork and medication during HCIS outages

Downtime Patient Verification (DPV) is a hospital patient identification and verification solution for confirming a patient’s identity and protecting them from clinical errors during a healthcare information system downtime or a network or power outage. Your patient care is as reliable when the system is down as when it's up.

An optional feature with NetSafe, our downtime protection and business continuance solution, DPV generates and prints barcoded patient-identifying wristbands and labels and allows the clinician to scan the patient ID on the patient’s paperwork and the patient’s wristband to verify they match.

DPV Plus, a separate, add-on feature, additionally verifies administration of the right medication based on the downtime paperwork that was verified for that patient, enhancing medication safety and protecting the patient from receiving the wrong medication.

DPV Plus allows the clinician to scan the patient ID on the patient’s medication administration record (MAR) and the patient’s wristband to confirm the correct patient, then enables scanning the downtime MAR medication ID and the physical medication to confirm administration of the correct medication, verifying you have the right patient, the right paperwork, and the right medication.

Features and Benefits

  • Customizable data entry fields (patient name, date of birth, admission date, etc.).
  • Prints matching wristbands for Mother, Infant and Birthing Partner.
  • Removes all patient info from the system upon printing to
    prevent exposing HIPAA-regulated patient-identifying information and to reduce waste.
  • Reprints patient wristbands and labels with a single scan of your downtime paperwork, reducing manual data entry errors.
  • Quick rescan functionality allows scanning of previously-printed wristband or label to populate all data fields contained in the 2D quick reprint barcode.

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