Document Manager

Combine multiple EMRs in one document for simpler delivery

Document Manager is a stand-alone solution that quickly and easily assembles multiple records into a single, encrypted electronic file for secure distribution of medical records and instructions to patients and others.

Hospitals must supply patients with an electronic version of their medical records and discharge instructions in a timely manner upon the patient’s request. The encrypted PDF format available through Document Manager allows you to email records or give them to patients on a portable USB drive.¬†Even though they are easily accessible from workstations when requested, the files remain secure on the server.¬†

Solution Benefits

  • Ensures secure electronic delivery of medical records and discharge instructions
  • Conserves staff resources previously wasted on finding, collating and delivering separate documents
  • Shortens the learning curve with our easy-to-use viewer that gives clear options for document assembly and delivery methods
  • Saves time and reduce errors with automatic selection and assembly of requested documents
  • Simplifies document delivery with multiple options including fax, email, secure web delivery and removable storage
  • Allows authenticated users to access, consolidate and deliver files from any workstation
  • Eliminates the waste and security risks of printed documents
  • Satisfies security requirements with document encryption and audit trails; all files remain on the server and behind your firewall

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