Ad Hoc, On Demand, Manual Send/Receive Documents of Any Format Via Fax & Email From Your Desktop PC

Enhance your NetDelivery or NetDelivery FaxOnly implementation with enterprise grade ad hoc, on demand faxing. Send and receive any type of document as a fax inside or outside your facility at a moments notice via standard PC-based application print services. DesktopFax  integrates fax and email functionality from different environments to expand faxing capabilities to the entire enterprise with unlimited faxing from PC-based applications. Desktop Fax enables quick and easy manual receiving and distribution of key clinical data inside and outside of your facility with complete flexibility, control and convenience.

Works just like a fax machine without having to walk over to a physical location to send or receive a document.  

Technical Specifications

  • Runs as a service under Windows Server 2008 and 2003 for easy installation and set-up
  • Includes faxing from any Windows application
  • Supports Inward Dial Routing
  • Supports optional print-out and/or e-mail of incoming fax messages
  • Supports sophisticated user and security concept
  • Supports user-defined cover pages and overlays
  • Supports automatic archiving
  • Supports most common fax modems, ISDN adapters and fax boards
  • Supports Citrix terminal servers

Part of the NetDelivery and NetDelivery FaxOnly value-added integration bundle.

Saint Mary's Hospital

St. Mary's Healthcare, Amsterdam, NY
Read how Saint Mary's Hospital used the Desktop Fax Option to transparently redirect faxes to an off-site pharmacy during off hours.

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