A first response bridge to get through a cyber crisis when there is no access to patient information and IT is preoccupied

It's no secret that healthcare information systems are increasingly under attack by hackers seeking data-rich patient information. When systems are breached due to ransomware and other types of cyber attacks, the HCIS and networks are usually locked down, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

During a lock down, patient information is inaccessible, clinician workflow is disrupted, and patient safety is at risk. At the same time, the IT team is focused on trying to figure out how to restore systems and protect patient privacy. Without a plan, especially in the first stages of a lock down, the lack of access to patient information can bring a hospital to its knees. We call this a cyber crisis.

According to FortiGuard Labs, healthcare experiences more than twice the number of daily intrusion attacks (32k vs. 14k) as the next two industries (financial and retail.)

The increased number of such attacks has led Interbit Data, the leader in hospital business continuity software to develop a “hardened” version of our proven NetSafe software (in use at more than 300 hospital sites) to address the unique challenges of cyber crisis downtimes.

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What the Vault Does

The NetSafe CyberCrisis Vault™ serves as the critical tool to get through the immediate impact of a cyber crisis. This allows the IT team time to address the other considerations required to restore the system. It buys a hospital time to continue to care for patients until the system is restored or a hospital’s disaster recovery plan can be put into place. It provides hospitals with peace-of-mind knowing they have an easy, fail-safe plan in place to access essential patient information.

The Vault maintains current and essential patient information including MPI, Census, eMar and patient forms, on a protected NetSafe server isolated from the breached HCIS network.







During a cyber crisis, designated, trained personnel are given access to the Vault and follow a predefined workflow to view, print and/or transfer information.


Access files via the server, external hard drive, and/or web access


Physical printing of patient information via a non-networked connected printer for fail-safe distribution to staff


Portable external military-grade USB 3.0 hard drive with pre-installed NetSafe software for transporting data to other facilities and connection to other non-networked, non-compromised computers

Industry-leading, Best Practice NetSafe Automation

The CyberCrisis Vault is built upon Interbit Data’s NetSafe Point-of-Care solution, which has been operating at hundreds of hospital sites for over 10 years.

  • Clinicians and staff always have access to critical patient information ensuring on-going care to their patientsDURING a cyber crisis
  • Allows IT to focus on restoring HCIS, network and workstation operation
  • Sustain staff workflow and productivity during a crisis
  • Compliments cyber resiliency business continuity strategies
  • Based on Interbit Data’s award-winning NetSafe business continuity solution
  • Hospital can continue to protect patient safety during a crisis
  • Stress-free, fully-packaged solution with rapid implementation and on-going monitoring and maintenance means less headaches for IT department
  • HIPAA compliance privacy protection
  • Hospital can enhance reputation by pro-active preparation
  • Peace of mind

Robust Solution Isolated from Cyber Attacks

With a robust, patent-pending system architecture designed to isolate the server from cyber threats, the Vault receives the most current data from the HCIS through an inspected, one-way firewall feed. The multi-faceted, multi-layered architecture includes tight restrictions, AI anti malware and encryption security, and multiple layers of redundancy to assure a copy of the critical patient data is secured and always available.

  • One-way, single port of entry via hospital and Vault firewalls — secured server separate from trusted hospital network
  • Restricted inbound/outbound services with rigid rules at both firewalls
  • Remote access via VPN w/Two-Factor Authentication
  • Server and Firewall Filtered for threats by AI-based cyber protection engine by industry leading anti-malware software
  • Encryption at rest on Firewall, NetSafe Server and external drive
  • File storage – 4 locations
    • Server folders – NetSafe Client
    • Web Access – NetSafe Web Client
    • Portable encrypted USB drive with NetSafe Client
    • On-line view and/or printing
  • RAID 1 Storage
  • Redundant disk and power supplies
  • Anti-malware, encryption and two factor authentication at Firewall, Server & HD

All-Inclusive, turnkey solution that’s easy to purchase, implement, maintain and use

The CyberCrisis Vault is designed for:

  1. Streamlined implementation with pre-configured hardware and software,
  2. Easy setup and installation by IT in a secure area, and
  3. Worry-free, on-going system monitoring and support provided by Interbit Data.
  4. In addition, hospitals are provided with detailed workflow guidance for planning and staying prepared for cybercrisis events.

Software and Hardware





Workflow Planning and Readiness Guidance

Remote Monitoring and Management by Interbit Data


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