Clinical Communications

1980 called. They want their pagers back.

Efficient communication between clinicians at your hospital is critical for ensuring timely responsiveness and high quality delivery of care to patients. However, like many hospitals, your facility may experience delays with message delivery and acknowledgments, and obstacles to implementing new technologies and best practice improvements.

Your hospital needs a communications solution that will comply with the regulatory requirements of the healthcare environment and provide clinical staff with improved messaging, workflow and collaboration capabilities, along with greater accessibility to information and optimal ease of use.

Clinical Benefits

Improve the Delivery, Workflow and Tracking of Messages Across Your Facility
  • Send critical values and receive acknowledgements via mobile devices
  • Enhance messaging speed and clinical team workflow, improving time-to-treatment
  • Enable image capture, attachment and sharing
  • Obtain true message acknowledgements and message delivery receipts
  • Track message and acknowledgement statuses
  • Automate message escalation and workflow, reducing alert fatigue, acknowledgement wait times and throughput

Financial Benefits

Increase Staff Efficiencies and Productivity, Reducing Costs and Waste
  • Enable faster, more efficient communications for clinicians and departments
  • Automate tracking of acknowledgement times for CAP and The Joint Commission
  • Track response times by staff member to maintain employee performance metrics and promote, improve and ensure accountability
  • Improve patient engagement via appointment reminders and health education
  • Meet Meaningful Use 2 requirements for secure messaging

Technology Benefits

Enable secure and reliable text messaging and cross-facility communications
  • Implement a quick and easy to deploy SaaS solution allowing BYOD use and Web client access
  • Ensure HIPAA-compliant messaging and communications
  • Automate the delivery and tracking of data and activity statuses
  • Obtain “no programming” integration with other systems
  • Maintain comprehensive audit trails
  • Enable image archiving and indexing for EMR integration
  • Set up ADT message consoles displaying real-time statuses

Secure Text Messaging and More

With NetRelay, you have full-featured secure text messaging that enables HIPAA-compliant communications between clinicians, automated message delivery and workflow and advanced collaboration capabilities to increase efficiencies and improve responsiveness to patients and the delivery of care.

NetRelay Express: Our full-featured secure text messaging solution provides your clinicians with the communications capabilities they need today and serves as the foundation for NetRelay.

NetRelay: Adds advanced workflow features and team and departmental collaboration capabilities.

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