System Downtime - Failure to Deliver Patient Care is NOT an Option!

netsafe bluesAccess to patient information electronically has enabled healthcare organizations to operate more efficiently and provide better patient care. However, the reality of network downtime and unexpected system outages means that you need to develop downtime and business continuance plans that enable you to maintain excellent patient care standards – as well as comply with HIPAA mandates – no matter what happens with the network.



Old fashioned approaches to system downtime are chaotic, costly and highly susceptible to mistakes:

  • Clinicians have to record patient info on paper
  • Periodic printing of reams of critical patient records
  • Chaotic access to the most up-to-date information
  • Backup power, parallel system & redundant solutions from HCIS may or may not have most recent data

Our Solutions

business continuance

NetSafe Point-of-Care allows you to capture information generated by the healthcare information system, automatically extract data elements, and store the encrypted information at the point-of-care on local workstations and devices throughout your network at regular intervals to ensure that the most recent patient data is available to clinicians.

Having up-to-date patient information and medication verification wherever and whenever you need it ensures you can deliver quality patient care, maintain high patient satisfaction and avoid costly or life threatening mistakes even when your systems or networks are unavailable.

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NetSafe CyberCrisis Vault serves as the critical first response tool to get through the immediate impact of a cyber attack lock down in which patient information is inaccessible. The Vault maintains current and essential patient information including MPI, Census, eMar and patient forms, on a protected NetSafe server isolated from the breached HCIS network.

The Vault buys a hospital time to continue to care for patients until the system is restored or a hospital’s disaster recovery plan can be put into place. Preparation is the key.

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NetSafe Downtime Continuum

The Unique Challenges of Cyber Attacks

For planned, unplanned and disaster downtime occurrences, NetSafe Point-of-Care is the best practice solution for providing local data.  Cyber attacks, on the other hand, pose significantly more challenges to accessing patient information in a lock down situation.  Hospitals and patients are much more vulnerable.  The timing and lack of control means that clinicians have no data, whatsoever.  We call this a cyber crisis because time is of the essence and preparation is the key. That's why Interbit Data created the CyberCrisis Vault -  a 'hardened' version of NetSafe to ensure access to critical patient information, no matter.

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