Business Continuance

What goes up must come down. Or does it?

The ability to access patient information electronically has enabled healthcare organizations to operate more efficiently and provide better patient care. But the reality of network downtime and unexpected system outages means that you need to develop downtime and business continuance plans that enable you to maintain excellent patient care standards – as well as comply with HIPAA mandates – no matter what happens with the network.

Clinical Benefits

Maintain access to critical healthcare information during downtime
  • Maintain your high standards of patient care by ensuring immediate access to up-to-date healthcare records no matter what your network or system status
  • Maintain information access across the organization for uninterrupted delivery of patient care
  • Improve workflow and productivity with fast access to up-to-date information
  • Ensure that critical patient information is available to all clinical staff even during downtimes or network outages
  • Ensure that patients can be admitted even if access to the HCIS is interrupted

Financial Benefits

Lower the impact of downtime on efficiency
  • Reduce costs by maintaining continuous availability of up-to-date patient healthcare records during downtime
  • Maintain efficiency and safety in the event of system downtime or failure
  • Eliminate wasteful and time-consuming report printing
  • Minimize liability by ensuring the information required to deliver care is available during downtime
  • Increase staff efficiency by providing information at their fingertips
  • Decrease rescheduling of procedures and surgeries

Technology Benefits

Achieve compliance with EMR availability requirements
  • Ensure that healthcare information systems are both protected and accessible around the clock
  • Deliver secure accessibility while dramatically reducing the demands on your time and resources
  • Maintain uninterrupted operations during downtime without any intervention from IT
  • Ensure clinicians always have the up-to-date information they need for providing patient care
  • Reduce printer support requests by minimizing printing requirements

Our Business Continuance Solutions: Access to the latest patient data, whether your HCIS is up or down

NetSafe allows you to capture information generated by the healthcare information system, automatically extract data elements, and store the encrypted information at locations throughout your network at regular intervals to ensure that the most recent patient data is captured. Downtime Patient Verification ensures positive patient identification and verification of paperwork and medication.

Having up-to-date patient information and medication verification whenever you need it ensures you can deliver quality patient care, even when your systems or networks are unavailable.

NetSafe: Our downtime protection and business continuance solution ensures clinicians have the information they need, when they need it, regardless of network or system status.

Downtime Patient Verification: Our hospital patient identification and medication verification solution confirms a patient's identity and protects them from medication or other clinical errors during a system downtime or network or power outage.

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