Business Continuance Assurance

System Downtime - Failure to Deliver Patient Care is NOT an Option!

netsafe bluesAccess to patient information electronically has enabled healthcare organizations to operate more efficiently and provide better patient care. However, the reality of network downtime and unexpected system outages means that you need to develop downtime and business continuance plans that enable you to maintain excellent patient care standards – as well as comply with HIPAA mandates – no matter what happens with the network.

Old fashioned approaches to system downtime are chaotic, costly and highly susceptible to mistakes:

  • Clinicians have to record patient info on paper
  • Periodic printing of reams of critical patient records
  • Chaotic access to the most up-to-date information
  • Backup power, parallel system & redundant solutions from HCIS may or may not have most recent data

Our Solutions


business continuanceNetSafe allows you to capture information generated by the healthcare information system, automatically extract data elements, and store the encrypted information at local workstations and devices throughout your network at regular intervals to ensure that the most recent patient data is available to clinicians.

Having up-to-date patient information and medication verification wherever and whenever you need it ensures you can deliver quality patient care, maintain high patient satisfaction and avoid costly or life threatening mistakes even when your systems or networks are unavailable. Learn More

Downtime Patient Verification

Our hospital patient identification and medication verification solution confirms a patient's identity and protects them from taking the wrong medication or other clinical errors during a system downtime or network or power outage.

Downtime Patient Verification ensures positive patient identification and verification of paperwork and medication through the use of familiar bar coding technology. Learn More

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