Webinar: Improving Team Communications, Workflow & Collaboration Across Your Facility - April 27th, 2 pm ET

Are clinicians in your hospital having challenges with: 

  • Locating other clinicians to communicate critical patient data?
  • Getting messages to other staff or departments in a timely manner?
  • Reducing the steps involved with delivering those messages? 

If so, your hospital needs a solution for addressing those challenges and improving communications delivery and workflow ─ enabling your clinicians to increase efficiency and provide more responsive patient care. 

With ​NetRelaya HIPAA-compliant clinical communications solution from Interbit Data, your hospital can obtain secure messaging and other communications and collaboration features enabling improved delivery, workflow and tracking of messages between clinicians, staff and departments across your facility.

NetRelay integrates seamlessly with healthcare information applications and can automatically take patient and other important information and send it as a secure message to mobile devices, NetRelay Messaging Consoles and to email, fax, EMRs, etc.

NetRelay Messaging Consoles can be used for different departments and purposes (e.g., nurses’ stations, emergency department, lab, housekeeping, etc.) and can be set up to provide users with information they need to do their job: patient status, reminders, staff patient assignments, patients being discharged and key metrics such as pain reassessments due or patient wait times. 

NetRelay is our HIPAA-compliant messaging and clinical team communications and collaboration solution. This 30-minute webinar on April 27th will provide all the details on NetRelay, along with information on the successes achieved by early users of the product. Register to attend the April 27th NetRelay webinar.


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