NetRelay & NetRelay Express

Options for Secure Messaging & Clinical Communications

NetRelay Express


Offers Full-Featured HIPAA-Compliant Secure Text Messaging, Including Improved Message Delivery and Workflow. 

NetRelay Express provides your clinicians with what they need today and serves as a foundation for NetRelay's advanced communication capabilities.

NetRelay Express main features include:

  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging
  • Automated, easy, out-of-the box integration with any HCIS and other systems
  • Periodic alerts sent directly to mobile devices
  • Escalation of messages identified as important, particularly critical values
  • Secure image capture and attachment
  • Group messaging and broadcast
  • Message filtering determines which messages are important based on rules applied, reducing alert fatigue
  • Improved patient engagement through messaging – patient appointment reminders, health education, etc.
  • Comprehensive audit trail



Provides Secure Text Messaging Plus Improved Team Workflow and Collaboration

NetRelay enables more effective healthcare communications by taking information from any HCIS and turning it into a message that can be sent to mobile devices, NetRelay Messaging Consoles and/or through our NetDelivery hospital data exchange to email, fax, etc. Both NetRelay and NetRelay Express seamlessly integrate with healthcare information system applications, requiring no interfaces. NetRelay/NetRelay Express also help satisfy Meaningful Use 2 requirements for secure messaging, as well as the Joint Commission and HIPAA mandates for patient data protection.

NetRelay adds the following features:

  • NetRelay Messaging Consoles – Integrate with and receive automated messages from the HCIS
  • Periodic alerts sent directly to Consoles as well as mobile devices
  • Delivery of messages and information to EMRs, including image capture and indexing to EMRs
  • Customizable message templates
  • Real-time status display
  • Customized, built-in dynamic workflow messages
  • Automated reporting for CAP and The Joint Commission

Aids Staff Workflow and Responsiveness

NetRelay Messaging Consoles provide a visual aid for assembling and easily monitoring any user-defined information and activity statuses. 

Consoles for different departments and purposes (nurses’ stations, ICU, emergency department, lab, admissions/discharges, housekeeping, etc.) can be set up to provide users with information they need to do their job: patient status, reminders, staff patient assignments, patients being discharged and key metrics such as pain reassessments due or patient wait times.

Through the Consoles, hospitals can quickly communicate the numerous activities that nursing and other patient support staff need to respond to in order to improve efficiency and enhance patient care. The Console’s indicators are clinically validated and approved and play a key role in any Lean or Six-Sigma system.

Improves Staff Workflow for Critical Value Messaging

When hospital lab or radiology departments have patient results with critical values, they must immediately be sent to and acknowledged by the patient’s physician. Typically, the lab or radiology department manually sends the critical values to the nurses on duty, who must then locate the physician to deliver them and obtain the acknowledgement — a process that typically involves multiple steps, alerts and delays.

With NetRelay/NetRelay Express, your organization will enable secure critical value messaging and acknowledgment with improved workflow that reduces alert fatigue and acknowledgment wait times. In use in one healthcare facility, NetRelay was able to reduce average critical value workflow time from 45 to 7-8 minutes, which helped reduce throughput, decrease patient wait times and improve responsiveness to patients.

Provides Reporting and Metrics for The Joint Commission and CAP Accreditation

NetRelay delivers immediate reporting on both critical value workflow and acknowledgement times, providing the metrics needed for meeting TJC (The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) and CAP (College of American Pathologists) requirements for critical value acknowledgments and acknowledgment times. NetRelay also tracks response times by staff member, maintaining employee performance metrics to both promote, improve, and ensure accountability.  With NetRelay, staff can generate a report with one click instead of wasting time spent researching, assembling, and summarizing this data and manually developing a complex Excel document.

For more information on the NetRelay/NetRelay Express HIPAA-compliant messaging and clinical team communications and collaboration solutions, contact us at or register to attend our 30-minute webinar "Improving Team Communications, Workflow & Collaboration" on September 21st at 2:00 p.m. ET. We'll provide you with all the details on these products, along with stories on successes achieved by NetRelay/NetRelay Express users.