United States Customers

Interbit Data provides products and services to more than 750 customers throughout the U.S., Canada and Internationally. Below is a sampling of our U.S. customers.

Parkview Medical Center

NetAccess provides remote access to critical information

Parkview Medical Center feels their relationship with Interbit Data is truly a partnership for success. They answer questions about the entire system, not just their own products because they are very knowledgeable about the total MEDITECH solution.

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St. Mary’s Hospital

NetDelivery distributes reports according to the needs of individual physician’s office

“Now we produce radiology reports that are electronically signed and downloaded to the appropriate office for faxing or distribution over the Internet. NetDelivery simplifies the process by delivering the reports we need while providing multiple delivery options to satisfy the various customer needs.” (Eugene Coffey - Systems Programmer)

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DCH Regional Medical Center

NetDelivery provides the ability to push data through the Internet on-demand

DCH Regional Medical Center uses NetDelivery to securely and accurately send data and reports from MEDITECH to a wide range of clinicians and others associated with the care of its patients: doctor’s offices, nursing homes, the Veterans Administration hospital, state mental health agencies and billing companies. Over 80 locations altogether receive data and reports via NetDelivery.

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Hancock Regional Hospital

NetSafe flawlessly provides access to MRs during downtimes

Using NetSafe, Hancock Regional Hospital downloads updates of the eMARs every hour, ensuring that clinicians have access to the most up-to-date medication information on their patients when the system is unavailable. Electronic physician orders are updated twice per day and in PDF format, allowing staffers at registration desks to bring up and view the orders easily.

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Milford Regional Medical Center

NetSafe provides access MPIs & MRs during multiple downtimes

At the time Milford Regional purchased NetSafe, it also acquired NetDelivery, Interbit Data’s information distribution solution. With NetDelivery, the hospital faxes data from MEDITECH to physician and laboratory EMRs, and it sends reports via email to affiliated organizations and partners with whom it shares patient care.

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Southwestern Vermont Medical Center

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Phelps Memorial Health Center

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